Post-Pop Conceptualism (2009)

" warping and mimicking in ironic games, artworks can expose a peculiar in-between space where one is able to think and critically reflect on our contemporary reality. A space that in this show is investigated in a charming way and already shows in the empty space between the words ‘Post', ‘Pop' and ‘Conceptualism'."  (Steven Ten Thije, 09)

This exhibition, curated by Darryn Ansted, was open on the 3rd of June 2009 until the 10th at Curtin University Think Tank

Myself, Andrew Varano, Daniel Bourke and Lisa Purcell participated

Click on the links to see videos of my contribution and scroll down to view images of their setup

Read an excerpt of the review HERE by Steven ten Thije, Research Curator van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Video Links:

Coyote Creation Totem

Higher Knowledge

Original Impersonation for Higher Knowledge

"Solar-ize" Relaxation Video